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The contents of the following articles are not the personal views of this site but are gathered from different Naruto forums and community who even after reading ch. 599 are not able to digest the fact that Tobi is Obito.

Ch. 599 divided Naruto universe into two groups one who are quite satisfied with the fact that Tobi is Obito and the other who strictly disagree because of the following reasons:

1.    If Tobi is Obito then how in the blue hell he was able to attack Konoha with the Kyuubi and fight Namikage after such a short time span between his death and the attack.

2.     Tobi confronted Kisame saying you will be the last to know. It seemed that Kisame recognized him but Obito wasn’t such a great personality that a guy like Kisame would recognize him.

3.    How did he survive an inevitable death when half of his body was crushed?

4.    How can a guy like Obito have such an abundant knowledge about the ninja world, it’s past and present?

5.    The timeline problem. How can Tobi aka Obito gave the rinnegan to a 6 year old Nagato? Moreover around the time he was in konoha Tobi was controlling 4th hokage...  

Obito was a nice and caring boy who valued his comrades more than his life, don't go insulting him by saying he was tobi all along. Obito rocks, Tobi is just an ass
-                                                                                                                                                                                      - an Obito fan

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