Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Kakashi's kamui will be the key to their victory

Each and every week the Naruto Manga is getting better and better with new suspense,breathtaking  drama and awesome action. This week’s manga was no different than the previous ones. It was a solid chapter which brought Kakashi and his team back into the game!!!


Naruto Manga chapter 597 which will come with a colour page will be solely focused on Tobi and Team Kakashi's fight and not on Sasuke or Kage’s fight. Kakashi figuring out Tobi's jutsu is a clear indication of the fact that the next manga will be all about fight, a serious fight.The fight will feature some of the most formidable jutsu’s of Uchiha as Tobi is an Uchiha. The use of Uchiha kaenjin technique was a clear indication of that.Tobi is not an easy opponent but in spite of that it’s only a matter of time before the mask is lost and his true identity is revealed. He could either be Uchiha Obito, Izuna or  Kagami. Maybe in the next manga his identity would be revealed. Team Kakashi somehow would be able to deliver a fatal rasengan, chidori or any other attack using the Kamui and while dodging the attack Tobi’s mask would be shattered into pieces. Manga Ends.... 

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