Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Manga 665 will be dedicated only to 2 things.

          1.      The reunion of Orochimaru, Kabuto and Sasuke.
          2.      How Minato tries to live on to the promise of protecting his son.

      The manga may show each story separately or combine them!!

The ‘snake’ group reach to find out that the guy saving Sasuke is none other than Kabuto.  Kabuto realized his true self and accepted his fate to escape Izanami. As always Orochimaru gave a sly smile on seeing him. They also rescue the Second Hokage.  After scrutinising Sasuke’s body Second realises his brother gave Sasuke his senjuu chakra and there’s a plenty of chance he will develop Rinnegan.

In the meantime the distressing situation of Minato and his group is shown. They know they are already defeated but Minato remembers the promise he gave to Kushina. And the next few pages show the flashbacks. Kakashi ,Gaara and Sakura remembers how Naruto changed their lives and they get ready to fight. Gaara protects Naruto with his Sand but in a blink of an eye all four are thrown away from him by Madara’s single move. He approaches Naruto.

Konoha senpuu!
But in vain.

Lee and Guy arrive but their move was not able to even touch Madara. Tenten was shown carrying the weapons of Sage of six Paths.

Manga ends. 

In the later chapters they might use the nine tails chakra trapped inside Kinkakaku and ginkaku to temporarily heal naruto as they are in clear possession of the pot.

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  1. I really loved the semi conclusion of this arc. I'm wondering where things go from here? There is still Madara to deal with, and Sasuke, and Orochimaru. Gaaah, so much unresolved things, but I feel like this arc has been dragged on long enough. I don't think we're close to the ending yet, and this hiatus proves Kishimoto is getting ready to write a new arc.