Thursday, 23 August 2012


The fact that at the climax of manga 598 the mask of Tobi would be shattered into pieces was already predicted by this blog. Next up is Naruto manga 599 and considering the recent scenarios it would be less about action and more about emotional explaining and sort of stuff.

Almost all the fans are aware that Tobi is none other than Obito and in Manga 599 when his true identity would be revealed kakashi would stand there astounded. Gai would mumur that he thought him to be Obito. Naruto on hearing the name of Obito would definetly ask some questions. The fighting actions would come to a hault with the words of Tobi “it’s been a while kakashi!” they will both look in each other eyes and Obito would explain why he chose this path and all that and at the last page Naruto would come up with some inspirational quote and Team Naruto would be ready to fight him.       


  1. awesome prediction woohooo tobi is obito its obvious and when naruto shattered tobi's mask it had obito written all over it, out of topic this page should be the most visited webpage cuz this brings my two best things naruto and wwe into one place awesome :) PS never close down this page even though its not popular i will still check it out 4ever thanks to all who made my and other's dream come true

  2. nooooo thank you :) btw do you guys have twitter cuz if you do i'll add it