Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I don’t want to brag but 70% of my prediction for chapter 678 came out to be true so let me sink in the glory..:)

What will happen in Manga 679?

Considering the present scenario it’s perhaps the final battle for the safety of the world.

Team Sasuke & all those safe from Genjutsu vs. Kaguya

There is no way Sasuke and Naruto would be able to defeat the likes of Kaguya without any significant help. The opening page will show Naruto and Sasuke explaining about Kaguya to the rest of the team while she transforms.

The story will now turn towards the remaining Edos’.
Second Hokage would rescue the first.

Second: What’s happening?
First: It’s Madara justsu. All living forms of life are caught up in a genjustu.
Second: Do you know how to stop this.
First: Maybe...but first I need to go to Konoha! Take me there.
Second: But why?...forget it ! let’s go.

Hiruzen and Minato will move towards naruto’s direction but in the way Hiruzen meets up with Yamato and get in a fight.
This may occupy 3-4 pages

The next page may also show a shadow moving towards Naruto’s direction.
(Who is that guy? Undoubtedly Orochimaru. No other ninja has the skills to do that)

Manga now focuses back to the main plot and we see a deadly smile on a lady staring at 4 shinobi’s.
Kaguya’s personality is quite intimidating and we see fear in everyone’s eye.
Her first words Run!! And she attacks with some special Jutsu. Sasuke tries to block it  with his Susano but in vain. The attack not only destroys susanoo but also does a lot of damage to all of them

Kaguya: “ Run!, I'am back ”
Manga Ends.



  1. how is orchimaru gonna do that when he is also under the genjutsu

  2. how is orchimaru gonna do that when he is also under the genjutsu

  3. You will want to see this!!

  4. 1 Kaguya doen't need transformation.
    2 Hashirama is immobilised with chakra receivers and if tobirama will touch it he would be immobilised too.
    3 Yamato was used by guruguru and when genjutsu started Yamato got caught in genjutsu too.
    4 Orochimaru is caught in genjutsu too.

    1. No need to say it sucks, which is rude. Just say that it is implausible or or with regards to your taste just say that you simply don't like it.. Lol.

    2. go fuck yourself please!

    3. hey were narutofan bros no need for arguing

  5. Kaguya "transforming is unnecessary" considering she ate the god fruit that even created chakra. 2. There will probably be a horrible win considering Infinite Tsukuyomi is only active during the moon so for all we know, Infinite Tsukuyomi will be broken by the simplest shit alive, the SUN. Naruto and Sasuke clearly have something up but Tobirama seems to be having quite the knowledge when others don't so Hashirama and Tobirama should be able to help Naruto. And at it's very worst, Madara will turn since he has near no importance any longer.

  6. 1> Orochimaru was definitely under the spell but it was shown in chapter 678 that 1 'caught guy" attached to the tree was shaking. Moreover Orochimaru has the caliber to get out of it.

    2> kaguya transforming was my mistake.
    3> It's Tobirama. He can definitely help hashirama get out of chakra recievers
    4> My mistake. yamato is caught in the genjutsu.