Sunday, 5 August 2012


Tobi was the man who acted like a moron and became the sidekick of the ‘art’ obsessed Deidara just to hide his identity. This fact just describes how important to him is pertaining his identity. The question which arises now is why he wears a mask? Why it is so important for him to hide his identity from the shinobi world? All these questions can be answered only after Tobi's true identity were to be known. From the recent Manga’s one thing which is clear is the fact that his true identity would soon be revealed and Tobi is an Uchiha . The use of Uchiha kaenjin technique was a great evidence of that. So who actually is Tobi? Considering the past and present scenario plus taking all the important facts into consideration about the Uchiha’s etc. Here are the top three personalities that can be Tobi...

#3 Uchiha Izuna

#2 Uchiha Kagami

#1 Uchiha Obito

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