Thursday, 20 September 2012


Akatsuki consisted of some of the most vicious, dangerous and mean Shinobi’s from all around the world and that’s what turned it into the most formidable group that ever existed on the planet. It originally consisted of 10 shinobi’s. They all joined the group for their own reasons. Orochimaru joined for his own selfish purposes, Itachi joined to spy and other men for their various needs but still in that hoard of cold ninjas there were people who remained loyal to it till their last breath. Let’s take a look at all the members and evaluate there loaylity points

    1.   Orochi maru    1/10
Not at all loyal. Joined the group for his own selfish needs. Tried to destroy it.

    2.    Itachi                 3\10
Joined to spy on the group but helped akatsuki for a few times.

    3.    Hidan               8/10
Was Loyal.

    4.    Kakuzu            7.5/10
Was loyal but cared for money more than anything else

    5.   Sasori              6/10
Was loyal but in the end helped his enemies.

    6.   Nagato             3/10
He betrayed his group in the end.

    7.    Konan              2/10
Followed in the footsteps of Nagato.

    8.     Zetsu               9.5/10
The second most loyal member in the group.

    9.      Kisame           10/10
Gave his life for his team’s sake.....

   10.   Deidara           7/10
      Was loyal but revenge was more important for him than duty.


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