Friday, 28 February 2014


Predicted Title: The Mighty Beast/Sage of Six paths

The next chapter may feature the last battle of Guy. To save Kakashi he opens his eighth gate and is able to hold Madara for a while.

In the mean time Obito provides Naruto Yin Kurama, Part of Hachibi, Part of Shukaku & a bit of sennin chakra which is more than enough to not only revive him but to give him a power up. In that process Naruto awakens in a dream world and is perplexed. He stands thunderstruck as a shadow of an old man approaches him.
(Guess who that old man is? Ofcourse The sage of six Paths)

In the meanwhile Guy is able to dominate Madara and his disciples Ten-Ten and Lee reach there with the Sage of Six Paths weapons. The next few pages show a bit of history related to Gai and Kakashi.
In the last page  Guy says his final words to Kakashi ‘finally I’m not behind you!’ and unleashes his ultimate 8th gate move.

Manga ends.

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