Thursday, 20 February 2014


Ratings: 4.0/5
Total pages: 17
Title: The Current ME

No developments took place in this chapter and as a result it seemed a wee bit dull. Moreover it was a bit peculiar that Minato had sage jutsu all along.

On the positive note it was fun watching Madara dominating three of the best Shinobi's of Narutoverse. The most interesting part of this chapter was its end. The last page showed Obito  had his staff back.Moreover he had his hand inside Madara which definitely means he is absorbing the Jinchuriki back out. This chapter  indicated that the upcoming Manga's will clearly be dominated by Madara and Obito fight.

No development regarding the mystery man was done which was a bit frustrating.

What may happen Next?

Madara and Obito will fight.

Obito will lose but in that process revive Naruto.

Gai and his team would arrive at the battlefield with the Sage of Six Paths weapons.

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