Wednesday, 25 June 2014


For chapter 683 one thing is for sure the 4 Hokages’s will be out of the picture. Sasuke resembles more like Hamura, Kaguya’s other son for which no data is available till now. It seems Kaguya will work on ‘divide and conquer strategy’.  Black Zetsu will try to manipulate Sasuke while Kaguya will face Naruto.

The first page will show a puzzled Sasuke trying to figure out what happened to him...

Black Zetsu: While I was absorbing your chakra I realized what you have been through. We can help. Fighting us is unnecessary...
Their conversation and stuff would go on for a few pages. he will try to manipulate him and maybe tell him more about hamura and his story.

 After that the focus would shift on Naruto and Kaguya. Naruto will try his best to fight.
Naruto: without Sasuke I can't seal him. I have to stop him long enough for Sasuke to arrive.
 Naruto will give his everything to stop her. we would see a number of Rasen Shurikens and rasengan that's for sure but Kaguya would gain the upper hand and with a lethal attack she will severely injure Naruto.

“Die my traitor son!!” 
 She will attack with some sort of blue fire. Naruto would seem helpless and Sakura would screams as loud as she could. It would appear as  the end is near for naruto but the fire would just vanishe in thin air

Naruto: Thanks for saving me!!
Obito:  Likewise

Manga Ends. 

Just out of curiosity did you really find chapter 682’s sexy no Jutsu
Hilarious? A multitude of Naruto readers believe that in a serious fight like 
this it was completely idiotic! To tell you the truth we really enjoyed chapter
682 especially the "Sexy no jutsu"  
What do you guys think?

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