Friday, 13 June 2014


We all know the recent departure of Batista from WWE was a way to write off Batista for some time so that he can indulge in the promotion of his upcoming movie  Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Question here to ask is after everything is said and done will Batista return back?

His recent return was a flop. Many fans are speculating that he is already 45 and he is having a successful acting career which will increase exponentially in the future if he focuses on it. So why come back?

Personally I feel he will come back. Maybe after 6 months or after a year but he will. The sole reason for this strong belief is the fact that he returned to be the WWE World heavyweight champion which is the biggest accolade in the wrestling history.

The Rock returned to be the WWE champion even after he had a successful career. There is things money and fame can’t buy and the championship is one of them. Of course there is no doubt Batista’s return will not be permanent. He will try his best to earn the championship and if he succeeds he will stay for a while and then leave or if he realizes the Authority don’t want him to become the champion he will leave but one thing is for sure he will COME BACK!!

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