Wednesday, 11 June 2014


(Notice the castle in the above picture. Rikodu told Naruto that Kaguya was a princess who came to this land from a faraway place to eat the holy fruit and rule this land. She wants to achieve the same thing)  

Possible chapter titles: The Sun and Moon; A princess; A Hokage etc.

The first page of manga will show an angry Kaguya staring at both Sasuke and Naruto.

Kaguya : You two received help from my son but it will not help you...

And the fighting between them would go on for a few pages. With formidable and unimaginable attacks Kaguya will get the better of them.
Naruto and Sasuke would be thrown off into two distant corners by a dangerous blow and Kaguya would be about to kill Naruto but the Second would save him with his time-space ninjutsu. Her attack though will change the landscape around.

A distressed picture of Sakura will occupy a part of the page while Kakashi would be shown analyzing something regarding Kaguya.
Next up Hiruzen and the Fourth will arrive. Fourth will not be much of help as he has lost both of his hands. The rest four will stand toe to toe against Kaguya while the First arrives. 

The first would be the key to winning the war here as he has tons of information regarding ancient ninja history which may come in handy.
Moreover Sasuke admitted that he and Naruto are the key to winning against her while showing the symbol in his hand. 

There’s also a  slight chance of Obito being alive. Kakashi saved his body and  he has both sharingan so he may hold Kaguya while the first comes up with a startegy.

(Kaguya’s other son  Hamura may also come into play as not much information is known about him. Rikoudu and he fought together to defeat the Juubi.)  

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