Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Naruto Manga 678 has been released.
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Manga stream (Excellent Image Quality)

TITLE: My Will
Ratings: 4.5
Pages: 17

A rating of 4.5 would be appropriate for this chapter as it had a nice blend of humour and suspense especially the plot twist.

Sasuke’s arrogancy and dominance was prominent in the earlier part of Manga. The Fact that Naruto admitted Sasuke might be better than him came as a surprise.( And left many fans awful)
Many say Masashi wasted a few pages trying to show what the major characters dreamt off but in my opinion it was not a complete waste. The idea of showing the dreams was good but he showed one too many and that was the downfall of it.
Masashi was successful in creating suspense by showing one ‘shinobi’ escape from the Genjutsu.(definitely he is Orochimaru)

Kaguya as the final villain left everyone flabbergasted. It’s  the craziest plot twist in quite a while. What I didn’t like was an unfitting goodbye to Uchiha Madara. He deserved a better ending.

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