Sunday, 14 October 2012


Possible Title: The Dark Path

Obito stands above the bodies of mist ninjas’ fuming in anger and then his blood red eyes fall upon his so called comrade Kakashi. For a moment he wants to kill him but instead he lets out a heart throbbing scream. The words of Uchiha Madara hover in his mind.
You will come back!
 With tears rolling down his cheeks he leaves the mess created by him and moves towards the path which leads to darkness.
 “Do you want to change this world?” asks Madara.
“I will take the silence as a yes.”
So the journey of Obito to become Tobi begins. Madara explains his plans, he trains him, shares him information no living creature in this world knows and leaving the entire responsibility to him he purposefully embraces death.
Manga ends.   

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