Monday, 29 October 2012



While Ryback stealed the show Punk stealed the Championship. 

Referee gave Ryback a low blow and Punk rolled him over. Bang! Punk is our Winner but the real show began after that....

 Soon after the count he slammed the ref to the ground and then took out Punk.
Ryback grabbed the ref and threw him into the wall of the cage and then back into the ring. Ryback hit the ref with his clothesline and then pressed him and threw him right over the top rope into the cage.
Punk and Heyman were barely out of the cage when Ryback catches up to them. Heyman ran away like a little girl.
Punk climbed up the cell to escape Ryback and Ryback followed him up.
Ryback hit Punk with the Shell Shocked on the top of the cell. The cage was buckling under them.
Ryback put his boot on Punk's chest and stood tall atop the cell to end the show.

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