Thursday, 6 September 2012


Ch. 600 was a stern reply to all those angry fans who questioned Masashi Kishimoto’s Imagination. Many fans were not able to digest the fact that Obito is Tobi but the last page of Ch. 600 explains everything…

Ch. 601 predictions

Possible Tiltle: Truth
The chapter is likely to begin with the thunderstruck faces of Team Naruto staring onto the immortal figure in front of them, Uchiha Madara!!! “He is…” Guy will mumble to break the silence but Kakashi would be too shocked to reply. To make things worse Uchiha Madara would tell them there so called 5 kage’s are on the verge of death.  The pale look on everybody’s face would be distinctively visible.
Shocked Naruto would be about to attack when Nine Tails would stop him. “Naruto the man infront of you is not an ordinary ninja!” Nine tails would explain.
“You should listen to your beast Jinchuriki” Madara would speak as Obito would be about to explain what the heck is happening. The explanation can go one for the next 2-3 manga’s but it is crystal clear that in the next manga we would finally be able to learn the truth behind Obito and how he became Tobi. Moreover it would also explain the link between Madara and Obito….

Possible theory for Obito becoming Tobi
Zetsu found him underneath the rocks and presented before a weak and old Madara. With Zetsu’s fusion technique and other weird Jutsu’s they healed him and Madara manipulated him just like Tobi manipulated Sasuke. Moreover he passed on his knowledge and more importantly made him kill his emotions. For that he was asked to kill Rin which he succefully accomplished.             

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