Sunday, 10 August 2014


On Thursday (08/07/2014) former world champion and Royal Rumble Winner Alberto Delrio was fired from the WWE due to an altercation that took place between him and a WWE employee.

'The WWE employee' has been identified as Cody Barbierri

Apparently Cody Barbierri invoked Delrio by racial slur. The hot Headed Delrio slapped the taste out of his mouth and WWE ended up firing a former champion.

Till now there is no news about any actions taken against Cody Barbierri.

Still Delrio's firing is overwhelming. I think there is more to this firing than meets the eye. Alberto Delrio is of 37 years and his contract was about to expire in  the fall of 2014. Maybe one months or 2 months from now and WWE grabbed this opportunity and fired him which was just pathetic! This 'firing' may help in advocating some discipline in WWE superstars but it's not right. A guy like Delrio deserved better.   

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  1. WWE once fired Abraham Washington of All Worlds Promotion for saying something racial on air. But now as we can see how reluctant the WWE is against taking any action against Cody Barbierri who's accused of the same, minus on air, WWE's hypocrisy is out in the open.