Thursday, 17 April 2014


There’s no doubt the next chapter is entirely dedicated to the fight: Madara vs. Sasuke and Naruto(with 4th and 2nd).

The action commences from the first page only. Madara attacks with all the black balls and cleverly sends one of them towards Gai but the attacks were in vain as  Naruto counters all of them with his own rods and blacks balls(Don’t make a joke of balls please..:D). Without wasting a split second Madara attacks with a huge Inferno Destruction but Sasuke absorbs it all...The rinnegan of course....

The next few pages show the epic battle with Sasuke and Naruto dominating. Fourth and second would also play a part in this battle as we have seen Naruto biting Fourth’s blade and Sasuke has Second’s mark. It’s hard to predict what kind of moves they will do as they have got new powerups and definitely there will a whole new set of never before seen offence. One thing is clear all the 4 will definitely dominate Madara.

In the due process few pages would show the final talk of Obito and Kakashi.
Obito would explain Kakashi how he asked Sakura to give him a clean but slow death. He would apologize for everything he has done and then as a dying present give Kakashi his other Sharigan.

The next Page would show Naruto and Sasuke preparing for a lethal attack combining their sun and moon symbol while Madara is anxiously preparing for the counter attack

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