Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Predicted  Title : The Red Beast

Guy standing in front of Kakashi looks him in the eye and says his final words to him "Finaly I'm Not behind you" as Lee watches sadly.

Guy advices them to stand back a little and the whole atmosphere is overwhelmed by 'red steam'.

Madara mutters this could get dangerous!

Kakashi looks at the red steam and the flashback starts....Next few pages show the history of Kakashi and Guy. How Kakashi always triumphed over Guy but was always left amazed by his skills and will power.

After the flashbacks we see Guy  standing in front of Madara  covered in a red steam.

Madara takes a jibe at him and says "You are strong but its in vain","You wasted your life"

Guy smiles. " We will see." in a different voice  as he clenches his fist.

In the mean time Obito provides Naruto Yin Kurama, Part of Hachibi, Part of Shukaku & a bit of sennin chakra which is more than enough to not only revive him but to give him a power up. During the process Naruto awakens in a dream world and is perplexed. He stands thunderstruck as a shadow of an old man approaches him.

Manga Ends with a question "who's that old man?"

Manga 667 Review:

Rating: 4.5/5

After a series of boring Chapters we came across a magnificent one. Like always Suigetsu did very well with humour. No one was surprised  to see Kabuto as most of us had already figured out.

It was intresting to learn the fact that Orochimaru's favorite Hokage was second. :)

Readers were glad Kishi took the time this week to explain some 'plot holes' from previous chapters. Not only does it make sense why Minato never used senjutsu in his fights (and how Naruto surpasses him), but we also found out how Kakashi is still standing despite seemingly getting hit by a Rasengan.

Everyone felt a real hype at the end of the chapter and as always it left us wanting more. 

Did you like the chapter? What do you think will happen Next? 

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