Thursday, 6 November 2014


"Left in a puddle of Joy and Sadness. Thank You Kishimoto!!"

I have posted about Naruto from the previous 4 years but never before in my life I have been so out of words... Kishimoto stirred up emotions from  the very first page. Watching Bolt do the 'same pranks' of Naruto really took us back to the first issue. 
I really enjoyed the process of discovering the romantic pairings pages by pages.

Here is the list of all the married couples:

Temari -Shikamaru
Sai - Ino
Chouji -Karui
Kiba - Tamaki
Lee - (Possibly Tenten)

 Tsunade is still single and damn beautiful!  

Science isn't too behind either in the Naruto world. Watching Naruto work on a computer did really put  a smile on our faces. I wonder apple is ruling  there also :)     

It was a fun and joyful ride. We all have had our fun moments and our sad ones and there is no doubt we will all remember it for the rest of our lives.  

"Beings that have been entrusted with hope.....that's what makes us ninjas

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