Monday, 7 July 2014


Bret Hart returned to WWE on July 7th edition of RAW. Of all the places to choose from he chose non other that Montreal.  It shows how Bret has forgotten and forgiven anything and everything about the 'Montreal screw job'.

Jerry Lawler brought Bret Hart to a very huge pop.

The crowd cheers while the music plays. Bret said no matter what happened in the past, it's always great and an honor to be back in Montreal. Furthermore if he could have just one more match, it would be right here in Montreal. Bret says he's getting goosebumps and the kind of rush he did when he was WWE Champion. He goes on but is interrupted by his own music. 

 Damien Sandow comes out dressed as The Hitman.

This is Bret Sandhart. He pokes fun at the Montreal Screwjob and gets booed. He calls Canada a third world country and gets more boos. Sandow goes on and Bret decks him with a right hand, sending him out of the ring. Bret's music hits and he gets another pop from the crowd. Bret goes to leave when WWE United States Champion Sheamus comes out. He hugs Bret and Bret leaves.

Maybe this Wrestlemania we get to see Bret in action?

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